Flashback to February 2014 – YAY! We’re Expecting!

Richard and I are expecting our first child in June 2014! If it were up to him, it’d be our little Tracy, regardless if boy or girl. As in Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets. *eye roll* We are beyond thrilled. Although this didn’t happen easily for us (took us 2 years, in fact), I do not regret the journey we had to take. I’ve learned so much about the endocrine system, trusting your own critical thinking, and the power of prayer.


I am overwhelmed with extreme gratitude when I think about the wonderfully supportive community of family and friends who surrounded us and prayed for & thought of us, especially when we hit the troughs of hopelessness. I get even more overwhelmed knowing that I’ve been blessed with a marriage and husband that has withheld the storm. I am humbled by all these graces from God to the point that I ask myself what did I, a sinner, do to deserve such amazing gifts.

So if you’re experiencing infertility, hang in there. It gets lonely since 90% of the population has never been through what you’re going through and probably never will. I can’t guarantee any results, but talk about it, pray about it, and don’t let it consume your life. Be nice to yourself. Open your mind to acupuncture (shout out to The Axelrad Clinic for Natural Women’s Healthcare). There’s only so much you can do. It happened for us when I finally surrendered to the fact that maybe I’m not supposed to bear our children…. which is quite hard for a Type A to do.


If you are supporting someone experiencing infertility, do give hugs, do be optimistic, do say a little prayer, but also show some vulnerability. It’s ok to be sad sometimes and also take a moment to say, “THIS SUCKS.” It meant so much to me when I saw that something actually bothered Richard, the most laid-back guy ever.

Things not to do: feel sorry for your friend, offer unsolicited advice (especially when it’s remedial), or complain about how quickly you got pregnant and aren’t ready to be a parent.

Thanks again to our wonderful support system. This baby is going to be spoiled with love!! What a way to start life!


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